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* [[Goddard DAAC Air Pollution Event Search Tool]]
* [[Goddard DAAC Air Pollution Event Search Tool]]
* [[AQ Informatics|Air Quality Informatics]]
* [[AQ Informatics|Air Quality Informatics]]
* [[Hemispheric Transport (TF HTAP) Assessment Wiki]]

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Background[edit | edit source]

The overarching objective of the ESIP Air Quality Cluster is to connect air quality data consumers with the providers of those data. The AQ Cluster aims to:

  • bring people and ideas together on how to connect earth science data with air quality managers
  • facilitate the flow of earth science data to air quality management
  • provide a forum for individual AQ projects

This website offers a forum for discussions among those interested in the Cluster and for posting "resources" such as articles, presentations, organizations and data sources. (How to edit the wiki)

Cluster Summary - updated for planning/preparation of 2006 Summer Meeting

More background information: Background

Resources[edit | edit source]

Interactions facilitated by the ESIP AQ Cluster[edit | edit source]