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===Active Collaborations===
===Active Collaborations===
* [[GEO AQ Community of Practice: Role, Mission, Objectives|GEO AQ Community of Practice: Developing an outline of Role, Mission, etc.]]
* [[Community Air Quality Metadata]]
* [[Community Air Quality Metadata]]
* [[Twitter FUNding Friday Project]]
* [[Twitter FUNding Friday Project]]

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Welcome to the Air Quality Workgroup (formerly Cluster)

The overarching objective of the ESIP AQ Workgroup is to build better connections, both technical and interpersonal, between and among air quality data providers and data users; please participate at any level you would like in any of our activities. Register in the ESIP wiki and click on the "watch" tab to be notified of ongoing events.

Events and Activities

Active Collaborations


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Other Interactions and Activities

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