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===Events and Activities===
===Events and Activities===
* 2009-02-27: Next GEOSS AIP [https://sites.google.com/site/geosspilot2/air-quality-and-health-working-group/aq-wg-telecons Telecon]
* 2009-07-07 - 2009-07-10: Air Quality Community [[Air Quality Community Summer 2009 Meeting|activities at ESIP Summer 2009 Meeting]]
* 2009-03-06: Next ESIP Cluster [[AQCluster_Telecons| Telecon]]
* 2009-03-13: Next GEOSS AIP [https://sites.google.com/site/geosspilot2/air-quality-and-health-working-group/aq-wg-telecons Telecon]
* 2009-03-20: Next ESIP Air Quality Working Group [[AQCluster_Telecons|Telecon]]
* 2009-01-08: [[media:20090108_GEOSS_AIP_Plenary.ppt | Winter ESIP GEOSS AIP PPT]]  
* 2009-01-08: [[media:20090108_GEOSS_AIP_Plenary.ppt | Winter ESIP GEOSS AIP PPT]]  

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Welcome to the Air Quality Cluster

The overarching objective of the AQ Cluster is to build better connections, both technical and interpersonal, between and among air quality data providers and data users; please participate at any level you would like in any of our activities. Register in the ESIP wiki and click on the "watch" tab to be notified of ongoing events.

Events and Activities

Active Collaborations


Get Involved

Discussions and Events

Email List:ESIP-AQcluster

Telecons: Fridays 1:30PM Eastern; Phone: 866-489-0573; Meeting Code: *2279431*

Technology and IT Architecture


Service Oriented Architecture

Dataspace: Documentation of AQ Datasets and Tools

Building blocks of the system of systems include:

  • Earth Observations (EO) datasets
  • Tools for working with EO data which add value in one or more ways, such as:
    • manipulation of the data (subset, regrid, etc.)
    • visualization of the data
    • exporting the data

Data Spaces/Workspaces

AQ Data Systems and Processing Centers

Other Interactions and Activities


Air Quality Workspaces (Contact: Rhusar or Erinmr)

More About the Air Quality Cluster

Cluster Summary, More background information

What links here: Air Quality Work Group