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([http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/EsipWikiTutorial'''How to edit the wiki'''])
([http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/EsipWikiTutorial'''How to edit the wiki'''])
[[Cluster Summary]], [[Background|More background information]]
==Building Blocks==
==Building Blocks==
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*[[Communities, Organizations, Programs & Projects]]
*[[Communities, Organizations, Programs & Projects]]
==[[Air Quality Workspaces]] (Contact: [[User:Rhusar|Rhusar]] or [[User:Erinmr|Erinmr]]) ==
==[[Air Quality Workspaces]] (Contact: [[User:Rhusar|Rhusar]] or [[User:Erinmr|Erinmr]]) ==
==More About the Air Quality Cluster==
[[Cluster Summary]], [[Background|More background information]]

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The ESIP Air Quality Cluster has a number of projects on this wiki. Some are active projects being developed in this space, some are archived here for documentation.

Your participation is welcome!

The overarching objective of the AQ Cluster is to build better connections, both technical and interpersonal, between and among air quality data providers and data users. {suggest pyramid picture here} The AQ Cluster aims to:

  • bring people and ideas together on how to network earth science data/service providers with air quality researchers and managers
  • facilitate technologies for improving the flow of earth science data to air quality management and the broad range of information users
  • create a user-driven space for describing, documenting, and providing feedback about the many datasets and tools for adding values to data
  • provide a forum for individual projects interested in using and/or sharing services

This effort promotes creation of GEOSS, the Global Earth Observations System of Systems, by which the broad spectrum of users of Earth Observations data will have access to interoperable tools to access, process, and visualize data.

This wiki offers a forum for discussions and activities within the Cluster, and a space for developing wiki-documentation of the emerging AQ system of systems. (How to edit the wiki)

Building Blocks

Building blocks of the system of systems include:

  • Earth Observations (EO) datasets
  • Tools for working with EO data which add value in one or more ways, such as:
    • manipulation of the data (subset, regrid, etc.)
    • visualization of the data
    • exporting the data

Data Spaces/Workspaces

AQ Data Systems and Processing Centers



Service Oriented Architecture

Current Activities

Data Lineage

Participation in EPA Air Quality Data Summit

NO2 Data Synthesis

2007 S. California Smoke

Air Pollution Event Analyses

The purpose of this activity is to conduct illustrative air quality event analyses in accordance with EPA's Exceptional Events Rule. The community is invited to contribute data, tools or analyses on fires, dust storms and other unusual events.

GEOSS AIP Air Quality Scenario, Ispra Italy, Feb. 2008


Email List: ESIP-AQcluster

Telecons: Fridays 1:30PM Eastern; Phone: 866-489-0573; Meeting Code: *2279431*

Upcoming Events

Funding Opportunities

Other Interactions and Activities


Air Quality Workspaces (Contact: Rhusar or Erinmr)

More About the Air Quality Cluster

Cluster Summary, More background information

What links here: Air Quality Work Group