Air Quality Community Summer 2009 Meeting

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The Air Quality data landscape is evolving: a number of efforts are underway to improve access to data, make better use of that data for decision support, and build an interoperable system-of-systems to achieve as much as we can with the data we've invested in.

At the ESIP Summer 2009 Meeting we'll convene to

  • Review important developments, including
  • Review Developing Strategies. EPA would like feedback on OAQPS's evolving Data Systems Strategy, from the larger ESIP community (not just air quality)
  • Think about where to go next
    • Are we making progress on the goals from the 2008 Data Summit?
    • What's the next step for the GEO Architecture? Has AQ participation in the AIP been useful? What are the priorities for the next round?
  • How do we build community? Feedback sought for the funding and policy crowd
  • US agencies are on the hook to show AQ results from GEOSS at the November Washington DC GEO Plenary. We intend to use this as a hook to engage overseas colleagues too. Brainstorm on how to do this.

Draft Agenda

We will discuss this draft agenda on the ESIP-AQ telecon on 12 June - please join us.


Let's plan for three sessions:

1. Review of Developments including

  • AIP-2 Air Quality
  • AIRNow software development
  • VIEWS links with EPA databases
  • OAQPS systems review
  • add your ideas...

2. Review of Stategies

  • OAQPS needs feedback from the broader community on their developing Data Systems Strategy
  • other topics which would benefit from feedback from the wider ESIP community?

3. Next Steps

  • Next Steps for ESIP-AQ
  • Next Steps for OAQPS

AQ Community Meeting Summer 2009 Schedule