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====PRISM Project Naming Standards====
====PRISM Project Naming Standards====
[http://proj.prism.enes.org/Results/Documents/WPs/WP4a/PRISM_standard_name_tables.html PRISM Standard Name Tables], latest Version, V 1.3  
[http://proj.prism.enes.org/Results/Documents/WPs/WP4a/PRISM_standard_name_tables.html PRISM Standard Name Tables], latest Version, V 1.3 || [http://www.knmi.nl/~velthove/PRISM/CF/guidelines_chemistry_1.4.htm Guidlines]
====IPCC Standard Output ====
====IPCC Standard Output ====

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CF Convention

Standard Names || CF-Convention netCDF compliance checker

PRISM Project Naming Standards

PRISM Standard Name Tables, latest Version, V 1.3 || Guidlines

IPCC Standard Output

IPCC output requirement listing

EPA Naming & Description Standards

Manuals and Guides || EPA Air Quality System (AQS) Data Coding Manual || Selected Code Descriptions

Supersite Project Naming Standards

Oak Ridge Nat. Lab. - NARSTO Air Quality Data System || Guidelines for Using Consistent Names and Units in ICARTT Format Data Files

ACCENT/PHOTOCOMP IPCC4 Experiment II: 2030 Photocomp

Specifications of ouput and format


Protocol output specifications


Definition of model output Version 3, prepared on Jan., 2005 with input from ACCENT-IA3/IPCC

Unidata Unit Table and Converter Software

Unidata Supported Units || Unidata Unit Converter, UDUNITS