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Agenda (Joint with Energy & Climate Work Group)

Winter 2016 Meeting: preparation for our sessions


December 1st, 2015 Telecon: Discussion Notes
Bill's notes from Dec'15 telecon

Finalize Our ESIP Winter Meeting Sessions

Session I: Climate Resilience Toolkit Case Study Workshop

  • 90 Minute Session: Workshop


  • Overview of how the Workshop will run
  • Quick Introduction to the CRT - (Bar will contact LuAnn)
  • Presenters (Paul Stackhouse and Jason Barnett) will introduce Web Tools and Data (availability and uses) - Overview

Breakout into Workshop:

  • Look at the current work and transform it into a CRT Case Study with the Template (very general outline - narrative/storyline)
  • Energy - Paul Stackhouse “leads” -- Could do many narratives - maybe choose one or do two if schedule/timing allows
  • Agriculture - Jason Barnett “leads” -- Narrative from Africa and Crop Modeling

Look more closely: Both areas of CRT might be appropriate for Use Cases:

  • Case Study - “Taking Action”
  • Tools - Can map back to the “Taking Action” narrative

Session II New Frontiers in Ag/Energy Data Session

  • 90 Minute Session: Breakout Session: ~4 speakers


  • Bar could introduce?

4 Speakers:

  • Maxwell Messinger - UASs (Confirmed)
  • Courtney Hammond Wagner - Webtools / Mobile Apps (Mostly Confirmed)
  • Lindsay Barbieri - UASs (Confirmed)
  • Ray Hunt - USDA UASs (Bill will contact?)

Based on the speakers, the focus of the session has narrowed down:

  • Will not include data management specifically
  • Will focus on Ag, not energy

Bar will update this in the Session Description

We also briefly discussed:

  • Coordination with the other two drone-related sessions: Drone Cluster and Education Committee sessions
  • Changing of Student Fellows from Lindsay Barbieri to Christopher Beltz in January

Bill Teng
Lindsay Barbieri (Bar)
Dan Keyes
Brian Wee
Chris Beltz
Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Paul Stackhouse
Richard Eckman
2 (?) other call-in’s