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Agenda (Joint with Energy & Climate Work Group)

  • LuAnn Dalhman (NOAA Climate Program Office) on Climate Resilience Toolkit (CRT), Case Study template, and process for becoming a CRT Case Study
  • Amir AghaKouchak (Center for Hydrology and Remote Sensing, UC Irvine) on his current research and what could be a basis for a CRT Case Study. Here's his presentation at the Summer Meeting in Asilomar: Remote sensing of drought: Progress and opportunities for improving drought monitoring in California
  • Open Discussion
  • Winter 2016 Meeting theme(s) for our session(s)


October 6th, 2015 Telecon: Discussion Notes

Bill's notes from Oct'15 telecon

Bar's Minutes:

Climate Resiliency Toolkit

  • Anyone is a potential contributor.
  • The toolkit - Has been live for one year and is in redesign phase I

Two main parts for contribution:

1. Case Studies - There are 9 topics so far. Can be filtered by topic, region, etc. Agriculture (for example) has close to 100

2. Tools - Behind the scenes. Inter-agency effort Each topic has a “theme leader”

For Case Studies:

  • There is a metadata template (word document) - redesign is happening soon, but still useful to look at.
  • There is also a “Tip Sheet” for writing Case Studies:

  • Ideally looking for a story/narrative in a word file.
  • 400-800 words
  • protagonist/character with a problem to solve, narrative flow
  • There are collaborators/science editors willing to work with the text/collaborate

The Case Study Template (a bit outdated) http://bit.ly1k9bQye (zipped file)

  • 10’s of thousands of users per month use the CRT according to Google Analytics
  • People are going to “Climate Explorer” first, it seems.

Drought Monitoring: Amir

No particular narrative, per se, but with many calls form users and want-to-be-users from all over the world:

  • Grant to talk to farmers.
  • Example outputs of model.
  • Developed a mobile app: drought information tool - GIDMap = online mobile app
  • four data sources (not real-time, but could be with the proper servers) GPCP / GPM / TRIMM / MER
  • 4km global resolution and near real time.
  • Only NOAA has the “real time data” - otherwise, wait 72 hours after its published. They run algorithims on NOAA machines.

Climate Resiliency Toolkit:

  • Classic ingredient for a story - people are callling.
  • The group is obviously trying to meet the needs of the community, and there are clearly needs in the community.
  • Example: They are getting a lot of emails about the data. EX: from a small city in northern Canada.
  • Recipe is to pair scienctists with writers… potential users to show the range


  • tips available from the CRT
  • continue to connect researchers with CRT (LuAnn and writers)

Winter Meeting Thoughts/Ideas:

  • NSF Program Officer: Food/Energy/Water (FEW) -- future proposals/intentions
  • agro/climatology/crop yield monitoring = enegy and ag at the USDA?
  • Follow up on collaboration ideas


Bill Teng
Lindsay Barbieri (Bar)
Richard Eckman
Brian Wee
Yonsook Enloe
LuAnn Dahlman
Brent Newman
Seung Kim
Amir AghaKouchak
1 other call-in attendee?