Aerosol-climate simulations

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Schulz, Ming, Stier, Balkanski, Takemura, Rotstayn, Seland, Iversen, Kirkevag


Establish a reference set of coupled aerosol-(chemistry)-climat simulations 1860-2050

Provide comparable set of aerosol-climate transient scenario experiments

Model requirements

Documented emission scenario (eventually AeroCom-GEIA derived) / ocean, atmosphere and hydrology feedbacks present / natural&anthrop. aerosol /at least monthly variation of aerosol fields / analysis of one year of radiative forcing every 20 years / direct and indirect aerosol effects parameterised / Volcanic forcing present, SRES A2 for LLGHG / Stabilisation of climate achieved for 1860, 2000, 2050 emissions (documented reference)/ no flux adjustment (?) / Control with LLGHG evolution and preindustrial aerosol

Short-term actions/experiments

Link to AC&C activities
List of diagnostics needed (IPCC plus forcing analysis plus « AeroCom-light » to be defined)