AeroCom/Working group structure

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Working group structure & coordinating committee

Task of any working group:

  • Analyze Literature and AeroCom model output
  • Propose experiments or diagnostics for common experiments
  • Develop benchmark test based on data for constraining process modeling
  • Publish & Recommend range of best modeling practice
Working Group Lead Contributors
Consolidation of AeroCom data Schulz Kinne
Emissions Bond Deangelo, Nozawa, van Ardenne, Textor, Diehl
Use of satellite data for models Kinne Kahn, Winker
Dust Ginoux Balkanski, Winker, Mann, Takemura
Vertical profiles, transport and removal Textor Ferrare, Winker, Welton, Schulz, Koch, Vignati, Stier, Takemura, Montanaro, Mann
Closure at super sites Wilson Ginoux, Mann, Schulz
Air quality, TAP Chin Schulz
Absorption Koch Wilson, Bellouin, Stier, Takemura, Vignati, Bond, Mann
Direct forcing Myhre Yu, Kinne
Indirect forcing Penner Menon, Quaas, Nenes, Loeb, Takemura, Mann, Bellouin, Stier, Storelvmo, Winker, Lauer, Liu, Kahn, Kinne
Aerosol-climate simulations Schulz Ming, Stier, Balkanski, Takemura, Rotstayn
Aerosol Microphysics Liu Mann, Vignati, Stier, Bauer, Textor