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Temporary wiki page for the planning of the AeroCom phase II

Established after 5th AeroCom workshop 17-19 October 2006 Virginia Beach hosted by NASA Langley

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Summary of AeroCom priorities for the near future

Consolidate the obs data available and pursue publication

Consolidate an AeroCom median model product

Plan for an extension of the observational database

Allow for better use of AeroCom database (input/output)

Working groups elaborate recommendations ( until Dec 2006) goals, actions, diagnostics, data and/or more experiments

AeroCom adopts wiki

Contribution to the basic HTAP experiments (now)

Preparation of a simulation Aug-Sep 2007 linked to Calipso (spring 2007)

Redo of indirect experiments (2007)

Forcing calculation for preindustrial/present in IPCC runs (spring 2007)

Better documentation of used parameterisations (optical, hygroscopicity, clouds)

Ensure link to other activities: GEWEX, CCSP, Column models, GEIA, HTAP, NARSTO

AeroCom contributes to « Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate » initiative next meeting January Geneva or Paris next to HTAP meeting

Next AEROCOM meeting October/November 2007, either next to CNES A-train meeting in Lille/Toulon OR Iceland in August 2007

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