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==Previous Calls==
==Previous Calls==
* [[AQCluster_Telecons_12Jun09|June 12, 2009]]
* [[AQCluster_Telecons_29May09|May 29, 2009]]
* [[AQCluster_Telecons_29May09|May 29, 2009]]
* [[AQCluster_Telecons_15May09|May 15, 2009]]
* [[AQCluster_Telecons_15May09|May 15, 2009]]

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The ESIP AQ Work Group is currently meeting every other week. These calls alternate with the GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot AQ Working Group's telecons; you can find their telecons here.

June 12, 2009 Telecon

1:30pm EDT
Phone: 866-489-0573;
Meeting Code: *2279431*

Topics (feel free to add an item to the agenda):

  • Draft Agenda for AQ Sessions During Summer Meeting Louis Sweeny will join us for a discussion of the draft agenda we've worked up. We need your feedback and thoughts. We need:
    • feedback on the structure
    • I've noted some areas we need to work on, suggestion in these areas particularly welcome
    • The second day (2/3 of the AQ sessions) will be almost completely discussion and working sessions. To provide some loose structure, it could be helpful to draft questions as discussion topics for several of the sessions.
  • NASA ROSES ACCESS 2009 Proposal: Tools and Methods for Finding and Accessing Air Quality Data
    • This proposal is for the development of the GEO Air Quality Community Catalog. The initial work for this proposal was done during the [ GEOSS ADC AIP-2]. The proposal was originally to be submitted by the ESIP AQ Workgroup, but that approach was not consistent with the charter of ESIP. So, the proposal for the catalog is submitted by Washington University and it is being developed through this open workspace on the ESIP wiki.
    • This catalog can be a resource and a testbed for other projects conducted by ESIP members. Other proposers are welcome to state in their proposals that they are interested in using the Catalog services. Conversely, proposers may send us a paragraph about their project that we could include in this catalog proposal. Interested? call Rudy Husar rhusar@wustl.edu and Erin Robinson emr1@cec.wustl.edu


  • David McCabe
  • Les Hook
  • David Mintz
  • Bill Pennell
  • Uma Shankar
  • Erin Robinson
  • Brand Niemann
  • Lewis Sweeny
  • Stefan Falke
  • Rudy Husar
  • Alexis Zubrow? (UNC)

Previous Calls