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<big>[[Previous ESIP AQ cluster calls]]</big>
== April 25, 2008 ESIP AQ Cluster Telecon ==  
== April 25, 2008 ESIP AQ Cluster Telecon ==  
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Phone: 866-489-0573;<br>
Phone: 866-489-0573;<br>
Meeting Code: *2279431*<br>
Meeting Code: *2279431*<br>
[[Previous Calls]]
Topics:  (agenda open to community interests - please list topics below)
Topics:  (agenda open to community interests - please list topics below)
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==== GEOSS Activites====
==== GEOSS Activites====
==[[Previous ESIP AQ cluster calls]]==

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Previous ESIP AQ cluster calls

April 25, 2008 ESIP AQ Cluster Telecon[edit | edit source]

Every other Friday 1:30PM Eastern;
Phone: 866-489-0573;
Meeting Code: *2279431*

Topics: (agenda open to community interests - please list topics below)

Current Cluster Activities[edit | edit source]

McCabe: Background on GEO UIC-ADC "May 5, 2008 Toronto Workshop on User Validation of GEOSS Architecture using the Air Quality Scenario"[edit | edit source]

RHusar Comment:

  • GEOSS is focused on architecture (registering services and data); no equivalent approach for the people connectivity(humanware, community of practice?)
  • GEOSS is composed of autonomous activities. The isolation of these activities and the lack of transparency/visibility makes it difficult to create sharing, reuse, collaboration...
  • Question to the ESIP AQ: How can we promote the mutual support of various voluntary GEOSS activities?...Possible steps:
  1. Start with mutual awareness of existence, activities....a role for the AQ Cluster? (e.g. Arctur connecting to the Cluster)
  2. Begin collaboration by openness, sharing of respective resources... the Cluster as a role model? Initially, benefit is by giving to GEOSS something you were already doing in open space. Consequently reap benefits shared content as well, so that you can build on and with others' work.
  3. Pursue common goals through coordinated activities ... e.g. AIP Scenario development including ESIP-AQ; EPA/NASA; GEOSS ADC; UIC and other stakeholders

  • Suggest broadening 'User' to include 'Stakeholders'. More elaboration follows..

Neil Frank, EPA: Exceptional Event - Operational AQ Scenario candidate[edit | edit source]

Event Analysis - Evidence gathering, integration - Operational.

Other Activities[edit | edit source]

D. Arctur: GEOSS Workshop on Air Quality and Coastal Ecosystems, IGARSS 08, see also Discussion[edit | edit source]

RHusar Comment: "David, It is delightful to see you taking the initiative with the GEOSS Education/Outreach workshop at IGARSS Boston. Your activity will certainly contribute towards increasing the surface area of exposure and spreading the GEOSS meme".

Question to the ESIP AQ Group: How can we promote the mutual support of various voluntary GEOSS activities?...A: start with making the aware of each other..a task for the ESIP AQ group?

Brian Wilson, JPL: Collaboration of Web Services & AQ Clusters[edit | edit source]

Stresses opportunities for linking the WS tech group of ESIP with AQ WS tech activities. Wilson is personally interested in contribution to the AIP Pilot.

Ben Domenico/S. Nativi: GALEON and AGU/EGU Informatics Divisions[edit | edit source]

Ben (activ in

GEOSS News, Resources, Activities[edit | edit source]

Goal of it all: Coordination of a Global Observing SoS public infrastructure ...by 1015.

GEOSS News[edit | edit source]

GEOSS Resources[edit | edit source]

Key Links.. GEO: Home | About | Chairs Letter | Meetings | Brochure | Documents GEOSS: Architecture and Data | Science and Technology | User Interface | Capacity Building | GEOSS AIP AQ Scenario | Core AI Report | Other Resources
Architecture Data C: Supports GEO in all architecture and data management aspects of the design, coordination, and implementation of GEOSS for comprehensive, coordinated, and sustained Earth observations
User Interface C: Engages users in the nine SBAs in the development, implementation, and use of a sustained GEOSS that provides the data and information required by user groups on national, regional and global scales. Has a specific goal to address cross-cutting issues by coordinating user communities of practice, ensuring continuity and avoiding duplication.
Science and Technology C: Engages the scientific and technological communities in the development, implementation and use of a sustained GEOSS in order to ensure that GEO has access to sound scientific and technological advice.
Capacity Building C: Supports GEO in strengthening the capability of all countries, in particular developing countries, to use Earth observation data and products in a sustainable manner and to contribute observations and systems to GEOSS.

GEOSS Activites[edit | edit source]

Previous ESIP AQ cluster calls[edit | edit source]