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Remember: the following are facets for finding data!


  • generally: data from one provider, one (satellite) instrument or one model.
  • Need to further clarify granularity for model data. For example: "MACC" or "MACC forecast" and "MACC reanalysis"


  • relatively clear (= "variable name", "field name" or "layer name")
  • issue: same parameter can come in different units (e.g. surface ozone in ug/m3 or ppb) - "units" is a separate facet, so it is possible to make selection if two variants of the same data are on offer
  • rerlation to CF standard_name: parameter name should be extract from standard_name describing the physical quantitiy without its representation



  • predefined values: satellite, surface station, sonde, aircraft, model, emission (/!\ CHANGED) -- check common data model; climate community
  • Lorenzo: look at evolution of standard where these problems are dealt with (platform and geometry); can we adopt their language

new facet: Geometry or FeatureType

  • see also CF featureType; climate science markup language (CSML 3 writeup)
  • time series (=point), vertical profile, layer, column, multi-dimensional (=gridded), trajectory


  • unclear


  • new tag for method should be added
  • instrument tag may not be available in some services and will get lost in aggregation
  • present agreement on "coarse resolution catalogue" would not allow mapping of intrument and method as it will not go down to the level of individual stations
  • use "instrument" also for "modelname" (rename facet to "instrument_modelname"?)


  • remove this facet

Topic Category

  • comes from ISO

Time Resolution

  • rename to "Sample_Length"
  • Tim Dye to sort this out...

new facet: Periodicity

  • add "irregular" as value

new facet: Time zone

new facet: Time definition

new facet: cell_methods

new facet: revision_status

  • trace dataset version: version number? Code "preliminary" and "final"? ...
  • describes processing of data along any dimension. See cell_methods attributes in CF convention and follow same syntax. See [1]


  • only lists originator short name

Data Distributor

  • only lists distributor short name


  • bounding box

resurrect facet: vertical (rename to "vertical_extent"?)

  • range with fixed keywords: surface, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, whole atmosphere


  • min-max; allows for "now"

new facet: AccessConstrains