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Description: The Air Quality System (AQS) contains ambient air pollution data collected by EPA, state, local, and tribal air pollution control agencies from thousands of monitoring stations. AQS also contains meteorological data, descriptive information about each monitoring station (including its geographic location and its operator), and data quality assurance/quality control information. The Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) and other AQS users rely upon the system data to assess air quality, assist in Attainment/Non-Attainment designations, evaluate State Implementation Plans for Non-Attainment Areas, perform modeling for permit review analysis, and other air quality management functions. Parameters: NO2
Domain: Aerosol | Platform: Network | Instrument: No Instrument | Method: Point | Type: POINT | Periodicity: DAY | GeoRange: US | Time Period: REALTIME Key Use: No Key Uses

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