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Topics (feel free to add your ideas):
* GEOSS AIP Update
* GEOSS AIP Update
[[Image:Evolving Architecture Chart.png|400px]]
[[Image:Evolving Architecture Chart.png|400px]]

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  • GEOSS AIP Update

Evolving Architecture Chart.png

  • ESIP Summer Meeting
    • GEOSS AIP AQ&H WG Demo (Technology Showcase)
    • Next steps in GEOSS AIP AQ&H WG (Open Meeting)
    • Cluster/Workgroup/AIP Working Group Lessons Learned (Open Meeting)
    • EPA Participation
  • Stresa Meeting update


  • Glynis Lough
  • Carol Meyer
  • Erin Robinson
  • John White
  • Brand Niemann
  • David McCabe
  • Rudy husar