AQCluster Telecons 5Sep08

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September 5, 2008 Telecon[edit | edit source]

Topics (feel free to add your ideas):

  • GEO User Interface Committee meeting 22-24 Sept., Boulder (just before AIP kickoff)

Should we Declare to the UIC that the GEO AQ Community of Practice exists? Davidmccabe


Participants: Erin Robinson Ana Prados Frank Lindsay Stefan Falke David McCabe Rudy Husar Barry Herchenrader Phil Yang

GEOSS Coordination:

1) Identifying what participants will contribute to AQ SBA

2) how does it relate to GEOSS common infrastructure; make use of the infrastructure (test and implement).

3) provide feedback to architecture

AIP Plenary Group is working up a template for a workspace on Place to collect information from SBA participants Coordinate scenario development and implementation

Support to UIC Meeting as well: Create a Community of Practice formation process statement Provide an overview of objectives Broaden to be international Build it into workspace to initiate the development