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Topics for AQ Cluster Breakout Session[edit | edit source]

Overview of AQ Cluster Activities[edit | edit source]

Creating AQ Network Connections through metadata pages[edit | edit source]

Example DataSpaces and DataSheets[edit | edit source]

Relationship to metadata catalogs[edit | edit source]

  • Registration in catalogs (GCMD, GOS, ESG, ECHO, GEOSS)
  • Use in Portals (EIE, etc.)

Preparation for EPA Air Quality Data Summit[edit | edit source]

  • How do we define ESIP's role in the broader air quality community?
    • AQ Collaborative Framework by Frank Lindsay, NASA download doc

Demos at Reception[edit | edit source]

(Southern California Wildfire/Smoke Theme)

  • AirNow (John White and David McCabe)
  • John McHenry
  • DataFed and DataSpaces (Rudy Husar)
  • Southern California Wildfire Smoke Resources on the Web (Stefan Falke)
  • Giovanni (Greg Leptoukh)

Discussion Notes[edit | edit source]