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AQ AIP workspace

Here is a recipe for your consideration to leading the session:

  • Introduce yourself to your co-leads and decide on responsibilities - by Tuesday 16 Sept
    • one co-lead to present at the opening plenary
    • one co-lead to lead the discussion during the session
    • one co-lead to record the session discussions and present at the closing plenary.

Send George your decision so they can get into the agendas.

  • Create the agenda for the session - by 18 Sept
    • A template agenda for the session is provided below.
    • Invite Participants to present in your session.
      • It is recommended that you request presentations from some or most of the Primary Participants for the session.
    • Create a web presence for your session.
      • A page can be created for each session on OGC Network. Identify a co-lead to be the editor and notify George so that I can provide permissions.
  • Introduce your session at the opening plenary
    • Each session will provided an 5 minute overview in the opening plenary
    • Please send George a slide that you will present by 22 Sept.
    • I will compile a single presentation file so we save time in transitions.
  • Lead your session at the kickoff: 25&26 Sept.
    • One co-lead should be ready to guide the discussion, while another captures the results.
    • Main objectives session: to understand what is being offered by the participants and to determine a consolidated plan.
    • Request that presenters provide their presentations: either post them on your OGC Network page or send them to George.
  • Present the outcomes to the closing plenary: 26 Sept
    • provide the summary to George
    • update the session web page.

Beyond the kickoff we will need leaders for the various topics thru the course of the pilot through to Feb/Mar 2009.

Template Agenda for Sessions (75 minutes duration)

  • Co-lead introduces the session (5 minutes)
    • repeat of one chart from opening plenary
    • list of responses relevant to session
  • Self introductions of persons in the session (10 minutes)
    • Presentations by several primary participants (30 minutes)
      • identify what problem are you solving
      • emphasis on end-to-end use case: publish, find, bind, workflow, decision
      • listing of services and data contributions
  • Open Discussion (20 minutes)
      • For SBA/CoP sessions: Interactive development of Scenario application of use case
      • for technology sessions: Interactive discussion of design and interoperability arrangements
  • Develop a work plan for the topic: dates and actions (10 minutes)
      • review AIP-2 Master Schedule
      • identify session specific milestones
      • What is missing and still needed: service and data gaps