2017 November 1 (Assessments and Science)

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Agenda for 2017-11-01


The focal topic for this meeting on November 1 will be on reproducible, data-driven decisions for complex environmental challenges that require trade-offs between environmental, economic, and societal drivers. This was a topic that was originally slated for presentation during our previous meeting on 2017-10-18, but we ran short on time.


  • The European Environmental Agency's DPSIR framework and the EPA's triple-V sustainability framework as means to frame the challenge using a systems-perspective.
  • How DPSIR is used in conjunction with indicators (a mini-preview of the topics to be covered on Nov 15).
  • Decisions - Incorporating social, economic, environmental needs.
  • Overview of the Yakima River basin from a systems-perspective.
  • How decision elements (objectives, options, values, etc) connect to data and models.
  • Subject matter experts (domain scientists, modelers, and data professionals) within the decision-making landscape.

Preview of meeting

You may want to preview the following, which will be used for the meeting: