20170315 Telecon

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Agenda for ESIP Science Software Cluster Telecon

15 March 2017 at noon eastern (60 min max)

  • Volunteer(s) for note-taking?
  • Review last month minutes
  • Update on NSF RFI
  • Update on Jessica Hausman from JPL wiki addition
  • Update on link to NSF science software conceptual awards
  • Mission short statement
  • Discuss how to proceed with theme of sustainability for software and software citation

Meeting minutes:


  • Jim Bowring - College of Charleston, CIRDLES.org
  • Bruce Caron, ESIP
  • Annie Burgess, ESIP


Action Items:

  • Erin - ping Jessica H re: wiki addition from JPL
  • Jim - propose mission statement to listserv
  • Jim - do telecon reminders, schedule talks, etc.