2017-2018 Speaker Series

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01/17/2018 Doug Walker University of Kansas and the StraboSpot Project Abstract: The StraboSpot Project is an initiative by field and laboratory geologists to develop data management and sharing for field data and derived laboratory measurements. The project involves extensive community outreach in early phases to develop methods and interfaces appropriate to and in concert with scientific workflows and domain specific languages (in a geologic sense). We have completed work with structural geologists and are in the early phases of working with petrologists and sedimentologists. The data collection is done on mobile devices, using a hybrid development environment, and on a web application leveraging that code. We use a backend graph database system because of its flexibility to expand to user needs and performance for exploring related observations that span many spatial levels. The presentation is designed to give an appreciation for the system, the domain development strategy, and to invite participation in the project and interactions with the system. VIDEO

09/20/2017 Colin Smith of Environmental Data Initiative Abstract: The Environmental Data Initiative will be initializing a code library for information management in the environmental sciences.The library will be a resource to those in need of software solutions to their information management needs and serve as a collaborative space for development of IM software. We intend this project to become a community owned and operated resource so inclusion of community members in the design process is critical. We welcome your feedback to improve the design before it is implemented. VIDEO.

05/15/2017 Kate Keahey is a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and a Computation Institute fellow at the University of Chicago. Her research interests focus on virtualization, resource management, and cloud computing. She presents Software X: A new open-access software Journal. VIDEO.

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