2015 Discussion of ByLaw Changes

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Discussion on the following proposed 2015 Bylaw changes

2015 ByLaw Changes under consideration

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(discussed at June 4, 2015 C&B meeting)

1. Add Semantic Technologies Standing Committee

Section 5 – Standing Committee for Semantic Technologies

V.5.1 The ESIP Federation shall include a Standing Committee for Semantic Technologies. Its roles are:

  • To encourage and promote research and development of semantic technologies in support of Earth science data management, data discovery, data dissemination and data analysis.
  • To collaborate with ESIP members, working groups, clusters, and standing committees to identify semantic methods and tools that support the adoption of semantic technologies within ESIP and across its member organizations.
  • To foster sharing and reuse of ontologies and controlled vocabularies within ESIP and its member organizations.
  • To provide a collaborative environment for the development of ontology-based standards and controlled vocabularies.
  • To maintain a long-term agenda and roadmap for integration and evaluation of semantic projects within ESIP.
  • To collaborate with external groups and agencies, including international organizations, on behalf of ESIP in regards to semantic technologies and furthering the aforementioned roles.

Status: Sept 2015 - discussed and approved by ExComm to move to Assembly vote

(discussed at Oct 2, 2015 C&B Meeting)

Working notes

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