20141405 Telecon

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Software Cluster Telecon 05.14.2014


Most of today's telecon will be spent reviewing proposed sessions for the summer meeting, "Linking It Together: Sustainable Software Advancing Science Data and Services" The working [agenda] has already been posted, and includes at least three science software related sessions:

- Software metrics led by James Howison

- Building a community around a software package led by Ethan White

- Software Citation led by Matt Mayernik and Nic Weber

Sci Software Updates

- The NIH held a 2 day workshop this week on "Discovering, Citing, Tracking Biomedical Software" - although the focus was on biomed, lots of the discussions were relevant to ESIP community. [Day 1 Video] & [Day 2 Video].1/4 of the way through Day 2 video is 20 minute presentation by Phil Bourne, newly appointed head of "Big Data" at NIH, that is worth watching.

- Notable papers posted to ArXiv [Change Management and Version Control of Scientific Applications] is a small survey about version control.

- Dan Katz announced a second WSSSPE at SC 14 in New Orleans [CFP] and revised the review of the first [workshop].