2012AMS workshop

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Primer on Data Management

Don’t let science leave you behind. The proliferation of data from all sources requires today’s scientists to be aware of sound data management practices. In this free half-day workshop, everything the modern data-producing scientist needs to know about data management will be introduced. We will discuss the rationale for data management planning and the context of U.S. National Science Foundation's requirement for a 2-page data management plan to accompany every proposal; dealing with data during the course of your research; creating metadata for discovery, access, use and archiving, finding and working with a long term archive; as well as properly giving credit to other data producers. This workshop is open to all AMS attendees. Laptops are encouraged and bring data sets you would like help with. Sponsored by NOAA and the Data Conservancy, and conducted by the ESIP Federation.

New Orleans Convention Center, Room 338 / 339, Sunday, January 22, 2012


  • 10:00 - 10:30 Help with data - Get your data questions answered here!