2010 ESIP Summer Meeting

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ESIP Water Data Group – ESIP Summer Meeting 2010 Program

The water information domain is very active with advanced information management techniques and tools being applied for better interoperability, decision making and science by experts in a variety of settings. No single coordination point currently exists to monitor, coordinate and make best use of this energy and innovation.

The ESIP water group met during the summer meeting to once again take stock of select activities and examine a use case identified during deliberations of the group this spring focused on the Gulf of Maine. The group determined what next steps may be appropriate for ESIP in the context of on-going activities in the water information domain including simple coordination and reconnaissance and/or specific work on the use case.

The agenda follows below with links to presentations

  • 1:15 Convene and Opening Remarks – W Sonntag, USEPA OEI
  • 1:30 Reports, Descriptions of On-going Water Domain Activities

OGC Hydrology DWG – Illya Zaslavsky

GEO AIP-3 Status – Will Pozzi

USEPA/USGS Collaborations – Nate Booth

BioPortal - Bruce Bargemeyer

NEON - Brian Wie

Data.gov activities – W Sonntag (additional activities)

  • 2:30 Discussion
  • 2:45 Break
  • 3:15 Description of Gulf of Maine Use Case – TBD
  • 3:30 Description of Other Use Cases – TBD
  • 3:45 Continued Presentations and/or User Scenarios – Designing Data Access Experiment