2008-04-11: Exceptional Event Progress Report

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Here is the situation with the EE report. The current version of the report is accessible through the Exceptional Event Analysis Workspace, specifically the page on Evidence for Flagging Exceptional Events.

1. The AQS daily FRM2.5 dataset has been updated with the inclusion of 2007 FRM data uploaded by Mark.This allows EE analysis for any of the sampling days in the period 1999-2007.

2. A screening tool for exceedance assessment was developed by combining the FRM data with backtrajectories. It is based on the CATT tool previously developed for the RPOs (Rich Poirot).

3. A tool was developed for assessing "Excess PM2.5 Over the Normal". This is based on the calculation of the median concentration for each station for a wide time window (+/-15 days centered on any sampling day). The excess of the daily PM2.5 over the one month median is set to be the excess above normal. FRMPM25_Day FRMPM25_30DayMedian FRMPM25_diff