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Smog Blog posts on Quebec Fire

Wikipedia page for the May Quebec Wildfires

NOAA NWS Summary

Earth Observatory



3-h running AQI breakpoint conc. data animations are also available -- these are helpful in tracking the plumes.


May 31

MODIS Images:

KML Timeseries


CAMNET 15-min pics show the smoke at Burlington, MtWash - looking at it from 20 miles away, and Boston [2 sites]. The other sites were clean. Those Hi-res images [JP2 format] are at:

Env. Canada

You might want to contact EnvCan - they may have data not in airnow: Tom Dann <tom.dann@ec.gc.ca>.

Surface Monitoring for N.E. U.S.

Unofficial list of R1 sites over 35 ug/m3 on 5/31: http://www.epa.gov/ne/airquality/pm25exceed-10.html Burlington won with 88; next highest was Lewiston ME at 70.

R2 had probably only Whiteface Mt with notable pm [it had a lot! and it's a 50C teom too!] - there are very few sites in NE NY that showed anything. Phil Hopke may have been running something. Dirk Felton reported thick smoke at Lake George, but no data.

ALSO -- I sent this to Rudy today, but you should know about it. I have the full 1-minute NWS ASOS data for 900 sites nationwide, for all of May including 5/31. This could be very interesting; WS scatters better per than perhaps any other aerosol based on the NE 2002 woodsmoke event. And for some areas like NY, the spatial coverage is better. That'll take some time to package tho. The June ASOS data is starting to accumulate at: http://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/download/hidden/onemin/

The OM1 and OM2 files are 1-min asos data [all params] for ~900 sites. The files have all data for the current month, updated daily around 530 et; the file is removed on the 2nd day of each month. I suspect the format for these files is the same as those STI got in 2005 from the ncdc ftp site. The names are the same. The docs for these files are attached.

The FMD is a 5-minute [moment sample - not average] file, in the same format as the hourly data. Not much use. The tcx file at http://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/download/hidden/onemin/ is ceiliometer data. I don't know if that's of interest - it might be.

I have collocated "good" CPC data -- TSI 3022a and 3783 -- from the HSPH Boston PM center site - along with 2-ch Aeth and BAM PM2.5 data [not in airnow]. They were running continuous SO4 too [Thermo 5020], and possible some filter speciation. "Choong-Min Kang" <CMKANG@hsph.harvard.edu> is the contact there.

Eric Miller's full Tekran at Underhill VT showed RGM spikes during the event; "Eric K. Miller" <ekmiller@ecosystems-research.com>. My best guess [based on limited info] is that this is NOT from the burning wood, but released from the forest floor from litter and even heated topsoil.

Same for the airmap folks at UNH: http://soot.sr.unh.edu/airmap/archive/ [Bob Talbott].

Bos backtraj 31may.png May31 Boston woodsmoke event.png