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Interested in the August 2009 Southern Fire California Smoke Event? Please join us in harvesting web resources! To edit create an account in the upper right corner and then click the edit tab and add link.
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Smog Blog Follow-up:

Recent Air Quality Data

  • [MODIS Aqua and Terra Satellites give a true color image 2x a day See KML

  • Fire pixels from Hazard Mapping Service identify the location as seen from satellites of the fires - See KML

  • Airnow - Surface monitors indicate the level of PM2.5 on the surface See KML

All of this data can also be viewed in Google Earth

So Cal Fire News

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Twitter feed for SoCal Fire



To add to this list bookmark On delicious with tags (#MorrisFire and video) - All recent videos from


Station Fire, La Canada, CA. August 28, 2009 from Keith Skelton on Vimeo.


UCLA TowerCam photos - 2009-09-01 back to 2009-08-26

UCLA Astronomy Webcam:

According to the latest blog entry from Dr. McAlister, the Mount Wilson webserver went down. The blog, originally hosted on the Mt.Wilson webserver, is now available here: http://joy.chara.gsu.edu/CHARA/fire.php.


  • Twilight pics: 2009-08-26 (8-8:30pm PST)

Towercam 0908261957.jpg| Towercam 0908262015.jpg | Towercam 0908262017.jpg

  • Early morning pics: 2009-08-27 (4:30, 6:30 am PST)

Towercam 0908270435.jpg| Towercam 0908270645.jpg | Towercam 0908270707.jpg

  • Twilight 2009-08-27 - 7pm, 7:30

Towercam 0908270707.jpg Towercam 0908270734.jpg

  • Twilight 2009-08-28 (6:30, 6:50, 6:55, 7:19pm)

Towercam 0908281830.jpg Towercam 0908281850.jpg Towercam 0908281855.jpg Towercam 0908281919.jpg

  • Twilight 2009-08-29 (7:19, 8:04pm)

Towercam 0908292004.jpg

  • Twilight 2008-08-30 (7pm, 7:30pm)

Towercam 0908301904.jpg Towercam 0908301933.jpg Towercam 0908301946.jpg Towercam 0908302033.jpg

Flickr Photos - Southern California Fire (recent)


#stationfire #lafire #station #fire #tujunga on Twitpic

View of fire yesterday from top of hill, Eagle Rock, CA on Twitpic

Fireplane in Little Tujunga an hour ago. #stationfire #lafire... on Twitpic

Check this out! Wall of brown smoke from SE meets blue sky in... on Twitpic

Facebook Pics

  • Steve Chemtob - taken from the 9th floor of Caltech's Milliken Library, 8/30, ~2 PM.

200908301400 CalTechFire.jpg


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Technorati Feed

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Morris Fire

Angeles National Forest

AQ Alerts

AQ Data

  • MODIS AQUA image of S. Cal. 2009-08-26

MODIS AQUA 090826.jpg

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0908SoCalFire: 0908 Morris Fire

Description: The so-called Morris Fire started Tuesday just after 4:30 p.m. along North San Gabriel Canyon Road near Morris Dam and Reservoir.

- There is a wealth of information on the event dispersed over the Web
- This wiki is for capturing info resources on the smoke and its air quality impacts
- Users are encouraged to contribute and to use the resources to analyze and learn
Type: N/A | | Location:Southern California | Dates: August 25, 2009 - | Lat: 30, 38 | Lon: -130, -110


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