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071022SoCalSmoke: 071022 Southern California Smoke

Description: Drought and Santa Ana winds created "perfect fire" conditions in S. California

- There is a wealth of information on the event dispersed over the Web
- This wiki is for capturing info resources on the smoke and its air quality impacts
- Users are encouraged to contribute and to use the resources to analyze and learn
Type: N/A | Pollution | Location:Southern California | Dates: October 22, 2007 - November 1, 2007 | Lat: 30, 38 | Lon: -130, -110


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Interested in the California Smoke Event? Please join us in harvesting web resources!
Please use the tag 071022SoCalSmoke in Del.icio.us, Flickr, Blogs, YouTube to identify Web resources
Ideas, comments, questions? Contact rhusar@me.wustl.edu or stefan@wustl.edu

Science-Oriented Websites

Aerosol and Smoke Forecasts

Smoke forecast are now being performed by diverse approaches, including chemical transport models that assimilate fire observations and forward trajectory models. In the resource table below the smoke forecast are available as quantitative datasets that can be browsed and analyzed. The additional links below point to forecasting presented through their respective, dedicated interfaces. Failed to load RSS feed from http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/rhusar/071022SoCalSmoke+Forecast: * Error fetching URL: Could not resolve host: feeds.delicious.com

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Aerosol and Smoke, NearRealTime

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Science Web Links

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Near Real time Data Console

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071021SoCal console.png Oct 21

071022SoCal console.png Oct 22

071023SoCal console.png Oct 23

071024SoCal console.png Oct 24

071025SoCal console.png Oct 25

Other Dataset Links

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Web Harvesting for 'California Smoke'

YouTube Videos

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Flickr Images

  • Flickr Images: California Smoke, after Oct 21, 2007

The image collection below is a subset of smoke pictures extracted from the above search. They represent the images that are of particular interest to smoke pattern, transport and color.

Username: SoCalSmoke071022 PW: 071022SoCalSmoke

NOAA-NESDIS PM2.5 Emissions

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