WCS Wrapper Configuration for Cubes

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Serving Data from complete NetCDF-CF files

Read How to pack your data to NetCDF Files.

The best thing is to have all your heterogeneous data in one NetCDF file. In that case, your data shares all the main dimensions: Latitude, Longitude and Time. This enables the WCS service to filter out both map slices, time series or some combination of the two.

Copy your NetCDF file to web/static/myproject

  • Every NetCDF file becomes a coverage.
  • Every Variable in the file becomes a field.

The configuration is automatic, /OWS/web/owsadmin.py script extracts the metadata from these cubes and you are ready to run.

   python owsadmin.py wcs_prepare -ao 

This extracts all the metadata from all the providers.

Serving data from periodic collection of NetCDF files

Sometimes you have accumulated a huge number of small NetCDF files, like daily slices from a model output. You could combine those into one big cube, but you for a terabyte of files, that may not be an option.

Download our HTAP test package custom-netcdf-1.2.0.zip. It only has two days of data to make download small. Then read the custom provider page

The custom handler does three things.

  • It gets the datetime from the TimeSequence parameter. Time ranges are reported as error.
  • It finds the daily netcdf file by the datetime.
  • It redirects the extractor to get the subcube from that file

To achieve this it's using standard object-oriented inheritance and method overriding.