Telecon (2019-07-03)

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

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  • John Porter
  • Colin Smith
  • Stevan Earl


  • Analyzing keyword usage in the IMCR Extracting metadata from Ontosoft, parsing, and analytical approaches.
  • Revisiting controlled vocabularies Review IMCR terms, identify and integrate science domain into IMCR best practices.
  • ESIP summer meeting plans Review summer meeting presentation and participant activities.


Analyzing keyword usage in the IMCR

  • Perhaps a cluster analysis of keywords
  • Word cloud of term use
  • Histogram of term use

Revisiting controlled vocabularies

Science domain


  • planning
    • project management - Too broad. Remove
    • process management (e.g. Kelper) - Rename as "workflow management"
  • collection
    • egress - Rename as "export", perhaps delete
    • ingress - Rename as "import"
    • streaming data - to data streaming
    • storage > data base design to planning
  • assurance
    • cleaning falls under assurance or control
    • spatial data editing/spatial transformation - remove "spatial"
  • describing
    • mind mapping to planning
    • metadata rendering to preservation or to transformation
    • semantic* sub-terms under semantic operations or annotation
  • preservation
    • notification is esoteric (communication)
    • transformation/formatting
  • discovery
    • retrieval and mining under collection
    • crawling - might be too specific
  • integration
    • aggregation - add term
    • merging - added term
    • interoperatbility - move to preservation
    • conversion and reformatting are very simmilar - reformatting under conversion

ESIP summer meeting plans

We never got around to discussing this.

Action items

Revise the IMCR CV considering the notes above and feedback from the RFC. (Colin)