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Committee meeting notes

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Prior to 2016

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September 26, 2017

All notes are recorded in Google Docs here

28th February 2017


Andrea Thorner, Beth Huffer, Dalia Varanka, Douglas Fils, Justin Goldstein, Lewis McGibbney, Michael Huhns, Bhaskar Ramachandran, Yonsook Enloe, Carlos Rueda, Robert Arko, Ruth Duerr, Caller 02, Caller 03


Discussion Items

  • 2017 work plan-
  • ESDA collaboration
  • Drone cluster collaboration
  • Poster session at RDA 9th Plenary meeting - due March 12 (meeting is April 5-7) - I'd like to have a SemTech Committee poster at RDA. We have a poster that we presented at the ESIP Winter Meeting, which could also be presented at the RDA meeting. Are there other ideas for a Sem Tech poster at RDA?
  • Update on ontology portal evaluation - not much here, but I can fill people in on what Erin and I agreed to with respect to the evaluation process and the final adjudication.
  • Update on Semantic Tech Roadmap - Bhaskar drafted an outline of the roadmap, which I'd like to make available for people to comment on. We could review it at the meeting tomorrow, and put it on the wiki and ask people to comment, suggest revisions, etc. (or is google docs better for this?)
  • (Recurring Item) Tools and Services: introduce recurring item where people can talk through what they’re working on and what resources they know of.


Other Business

Action Items

  • Lewis to look for a suitable platform/venue for the Roadmap being spearheaded by Bhaskar.
  • Track down NASA Semantics Roadmap from Peter Fox - by next meeting
  • Ruth will send introductory emails between Lewis and her RDA/ORCID contacts
  • Beth will send out link to RDA poster
  • Beth will send out email listing the use cases for evaluation.

24 January 2017

Attendees: Tom Narock, Beth Huffer, Andrea Thomer, Bruce Caron, Mike Huhns, Robert Groman, Robert Arko

Beth: Wants to get everyone thinking about 2017 workplan

  • ESIP community as a whole is working on developing a 2017 workplan, and we should submit something for the SWTC.
  • Beth will probably pull together a brief outline and send it out to the larger ESIP community strategic plan.
  • Need to focus on doing serious outreach – get the prospective adopters together with implementers, and finding ways for them to work together.
    • What groups or organizations have problems that could be solved with ST under development by ESIP?
  • Talked with Lindsey Barbieri (Bar) – as part of the ESDA.
    • Lots of use cases and cluster members in search of solutions
    • Planning on working together a lot over the next year
    • Might get prospective ESDA adopters to give presentations over the year

Lewis can't make the meeting but they kicked off the earth science knowledge graph testbed project

What will we do as a committee once we have the portals up and available? How will we evangelize the portals?

  • possibly have tutorials, to teach people how to use them/it

Discussion: Mike – after settling on one portal, our goal should be to populate it. That will help attract people to use the portal.

Beth – raises the issue of use cases; wants us to continue developing and fleshing out use cases, for the portal but also more generally for semantics. Could be done w/ESDA cluster. Want to start mapping between requirements and solutions Will put out a call to people working on the ontologies and encourage them to use the portal as a repository for those ontologies.

Bruce – Wanted to note that ESIP overall is hoping the clusters/committees use the time each month, even if it's a short call. If people can't make it, then Bruce will start the call. If we need to have a call on a separate date, can do that too – but ESIP prefers the committee times to stay pretty regular.

Beth – hoping that we'll expand our vision of what constitutes semantic technologies.

  • recognize role of ontologies, but also think about ways that ontologies can be leveraged
  • e.g. NLP, machine learning, topic modeling, things that leverage deductive reasoning and other things that go with ontologies.
  • Should invite people who are using ML or NLP to give talks and see how we might collaborate.

Bob Groman: Would be useful to know what difficulties people have in using semantic technologies. Why are some groups not implementing the tech? What makes it hard to implement the tech?

Beth: Agreed, there is an adoption problem. Why, and what problems are they having?

  • could we have tutorials, time outside the monthly meeting for portal tutorials?
  • Or tutorials on how to use an ontology! Once you've found it, how do you use it?

Robert Arko: would like to see linked data included in that tech stack

Beth: agreed, thinks we could muster some broader enthusiasm with that broader focus.

Arko: Like Adam Shepard's presentation at the symposium with lots of examples – would be great to invite people to give short 3-5 min lightning talks. Might be more inviting, and might be more focused. P

Beth: would be good to get short talks from both adopters and developers

Clarification on the repository selection process:

  • Using Annie Burgess' SW eval process that she developed for the NASA information system tech program
  • Eval is on hold until Annie is back from maternity leave on March 1
  • Beth will talk with Erin to see if there's anything we can do to get ready.

October 25, 2016

  • ESIP Budget Approval
    • The ESIP Finance Committee has approved all of the items requested in this year's budget. Our theme is outreach and collaboration. ESIP has approved external outreach by approving travel to RDA and the EarthCube All Hands meeting. We have also been approved to host a one day GeoSemantics Symposium the day before the Winter Meeting starts. The goal of the symposium is to bring together ESIP clusters and committees, along with external groups, and begin discussing collaborations and road mapping to maximize reuse and avoid duplication of efforts. Logistics for the symposium are just beginning. The agenda will begin to take shape over the next few weeks. Those with suggestions on topics or format are encouraged to reach out to Tom and Beth.
  • ESIP Winter Meeting Session Proposals
    • Session proposals are due October 31. Two topics emerged on the call. The ToolMatch group will host a hands-on session to map datasets and tools. A second idea emerged for a "Semantic Community Engagement Plan" that would cover ontology governance plans, leveraging other communities, finding/identifying/promoting ontologies via the portal. Details on this second session will be worked out in the next few days.
  • Ontology Portal Evaluation
    • Annie provided an updated on the portal evaluations. Use cases have been identified to use in the evaluation. Reviewers have also been identified; however, the reviewers have not yet committed to the reviews. Annie will be out starting mid-November on maternity leave. The group all agreed we should not try to rush and start the review process before Annie leaves. Ontology portal evaluations will be put on hold and will resume around March 2017.
  • Semantic Roadmap
    • Bhaskar provided an update on the roadmap efforts. He will circulate the latest version of the Google Doc and the group will work to identify writers for each section. Ruth suggested a distributed approach in which writers get only a paragraph or two to write and it becomes a distributed writing effort. We'll review at the November call who has shown interest in contributing
  • Collaboration Area Poster
    • ESIP has requested one poster from each cluster and committee to be displayed at the Winter Meeting. These posters will be up throughout the entire ESIP meeting not just at the poster session. Beth had created a similar poster last year to highlight our committee. She will make that poster available and we can collaboratively edit it.

September 27, 2016

  • Ontology Portal Evaluation
    • Erin provided an overview of how ESIP was providing evaluations for NASA projects and was expanding into a more general framework for software and project evaluations. This new evaluation framework will be used to provide an independent evaluation of our two ontology portals. The evaluations will try to cover a number of facets including cost, maintenance and support options, functionality, and science use case evaluation
    • Annie continued the discussion with a call for use cases, which will be supplied to the evaluation committee. Beth, Lewis, and others have already contributed several use cases to a github repository at Everyone is asked to review the use cases for detail and clarity. Ensure that the actors and workflow are clear and unambiguous. For example, is it clear who the "user" is (developer, domain scientist, etc.)?
    • Beth and Mike Huhns volunteered to review the use cases. Others are encourage to do so as well. All feedback needs to be sent to Annie B. by October 12 so that the evaluation can can begin
  • Road Map
    • Bhaskar gave an overview of his objectives for a Semantic Web Roadmap
    • He suggests something that is more fundamental than the EarthCube roadmap from a few years ago
    • For example, what is the basic value proposition of the Semantic Web? How and where can it add value to Earth Sciences
    • A preliminary outline was sent around to the committee via email. Bhaskhar is currently evaluating existing efforts in this area and will soon (next week) produce a shared google doc for collaborative editing on the sections of the roadmap
    • Ruth suggested that we identify folks who can dig into repositories and data centers to really get at the value proposition
    • Several open access outlets are being considered for the final publication. A draft is anticipated by the Winter 2017 ESIP meeting
  • RDA Collaboration
    • Soren presented a possible RDA collaboration involving ontology governance
    • RDA VSIG is seeking exemplars of open source governance models. It was suggested that the SWEET model could be put forward as an ESIP exemplar.
    • Ruth volunteered to also present her work on the sea ice ontologies and their model
    • It was suggested that Ruth, Lewis, and anyone else interested, form a temporary subgroup to document and discuss the existing models and prepare a submission to RDA. Ruth will be traveling for the next few weeks and Lewis was not at this call. We will reach out to Lewis and continue the discussion offline once Ruth returns.
  • Announcements
    • Ruth mentioned that Purls are becoming available again via Internet archive. Good news for existing ontologies that use Purl URIs

May 24, 2016

  • ESIP Ontology Portal Evaluation
    • The summer meeting will be used to gather feedback from the broader ESIP community on which features and functionality are needed in a portal
    • The Business and Planning session at the summer meeting will be used to further discuss our plans for what the evaluation will look like
    • There was a lot of discussion on the two current portals, their functionality, how they handle versioning, and how they handle URIs
    • John proposed a URI scheme for his portal:<authority>/<ontname>/<termID>
      • there was some concern about the new domain
      • John and Tom will work with Erin to see what our options are for using
  • Business and Planning session at the summer meeting
    • current agenda includes an open discussion on an open source SWEET and what that would entail and continued discussion on the ontology portal evaluation
    • any additional agenda items should be sent to Tom
  • Cloud Access
    • We have been offered access to EarthCube's cloud infrastructure for testing of semantic applications
    • It was determined that this may be premature for our group. The ontology portal already has an AWS instance and other applications are not yet ready for this type of deployment. The group would also like to wait to see the outcomes of upcoming EarthCube meetings to see how this cloud infrastructure will fit into the technology architecture and long term vision of EarthCube

March 22, 2016

  • Discussion on sessions for the summer meeting. Session proposals are due April 1.
    • We currently have 3 session ideas on the table. 1.) a general Semantic Technologies business and planning session - possibly to include a ToolMatch component, 2.) a tutorial on Linked Data, creating a scheme, publishing and consuming semantic content, and 3.) a tutorial/discussion on what ontologies are currently available, how to find them, and what can I do with them once found
    • There is also a related session being put together by Soren Scott regarding software readiness levels and governance. The topics will be relevant to our committee as we begin to deploy cloud resources to host semantic projects
  • Phil Yang and Emily Law are beginning an initial study on costs and design of cloud resources to host semantic applications ESIP-wide
  • We are collecting ideas for an ontology portal evaluation
  • We identified the following liaisons to external groups. These will be added to the main wiki page in the near future. The intent here is that these individuals are already active participants in external semantic-related groups. Liaisons volunteer to periodically report back to this committee on relevant developments and potential collaboration areas. If applicable, liaisons may help engage their groups on behalf of ESIP. The current approach for reporting is to allot 10 minutes at each future telecon for reporting out by liaisons. If more time is needed then liaisons should contact the chair prior to the call
    • Ruth Duerr - EarthCube Semantics Working Group
    • Brandon Whitehead - Open Geospatial Consortium and RDA - particular focus on GeoSciML, ESD WG and HydroWG, RDA Provenance Group
    • Soren Scott - RDA Provenance WG
    • Stephen Richard - RDA Vocab Services, Terminology IG, and DataType Registry WG
    • Stace Beaulieu - USGS CDI Semantic Web Working Group
    • Adam Shepherd - The Ontolog Community
    • Lewis McGibbney - W3C+OGC Spatial Data on the Web (SDW)
    • Bhaskar Ramachandran - The International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA),
    • Pascal Hitzler - Ontology Design & Patterns Association

January 27, 2016

Discussion continued on the transition from Cluster to Committee. The main focus of the call was on what the structure of the Committee and its short term objectives should be.

  • Tom and Beth would like the Committee to commit to an AWS server for the long-term hosting of ESIP semantic resources (such as the ontology portal, ESIP Linked Data, and possibly projects that complete the Testbed and need a permanent or semi-permanent home)
    • The process for what does and does not get deployed on this server is still an open question
    • Discussions have begun with ESIP Ex Com and other Clusters/Committees to think about reusing Technology Readiness Levels, software reuse policies, and cloud computing expertise
    • Security will certainly be an issue - this is noted, but no real policy/procedure at the moment
    • Cost was also discussed - we will touch base with Cloud Computing Cluster and others with experience to get a better sense of exact resources needed and proper configuration
    • In general, everyone thought this was something the Committee should commit to, but discussion needs to continue on above issues
  • What are other areas the Committee should commit its resources to?
    • It was suggested (Nancy) that Hackathons could be an ideal way to engage others in ESIP - hands-on themed hacking where we address a current ESIP problem or limitation
    • Semantic themed events are a possibility. For example, extra drink tickets at an ESIP meeting for participating in semantic demo session or best use of semantic technologies
    • Engagement with external semantic groups is needed - a google doc is being generated to list high-priority groups and look for existing ESIP members who may volunteer to be liaisons to these groups
      • The google doc is available for editing here
  • Budget is currently under development and will soon be submitted to ESIP
    • current items include AWS server, student fellows, travel (to be spread amongst committee members as needed)
    • any other thoughts/ideas please share
  • Topic for next call (February 23) is ontology governance. There are some notes and some thoughts on one possible implementation here. Please review and bring ideas/comments to the next call

September 23, 2015

Michelle Cheatham presented on Ontology Design Patterns. The presentation is available here: File:ODP introduction.pdf

The links mentioned in the presentation are: GeoLink Schema and

  • John Graybeal mentioned that work on his ontology portal was resuming after a short hiatus
  • John also mentioned the newly formed EarthCube Semantic Web Working Group. He invited everyone to join their telecons, which are the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9am
  • Discussion began on the cluster's use of OBO Foundry Principles for Ontology Governance
    • it was mentioned that not all of the principles may be needed
    • it was mentioned that enforcement of the principles we do adopt will need to be thought through
    • the main portion of the discussion centered around if we should be in the business of hosting a production ontology portal at all. What is the sustainability model for such a portal? John Graybeal mentioned that there is the possibility that NSF EarthCube could fund the effort and ESIP would maintain it; however, this is not guaranteed at the moment.
    • Patrick West mentioned that we should be careful to distinguish between ontology repository and ontology registry. We clearly have use cases for both. Some people host their own ontologies and would just like to reference them in a registry while others need dedicated hosting. It is thought that the current ontology portal solutions would support both of these cases.
    • discussion will continue via email and at the next telecon

June, 2015 Telecon

This meeting focused on the Long-Term Goals and Roadmapping Session for the Semantic Web Cluster at the ESIP Summer Meeting. This will likely consist of a brainstorming session in the morning, followed by an afternoon session focused on strategic planning and the long term vision of the cluster. Important topics include:

  1. ontology portal
  2. ontology governance
  3. long term infrastructure
  5. long term development plan (1-2 years)

Other notes:

  • Is there a way to check/verify that the room housing the roadmapping session has an established internet connected with appropriate bandwidth for, at minimum, two people to participate via tele/videoconference? (Question for Erin or Annie)

Open questions:

  • Were any SW testbed projects submitted this year?
  • Are there any SW apps (either academic or private sector) ripe for presentation?
  • Is there someone available to talk about ODPs?

March, 2015 Telecon

  • A new special issue of Earth Science Informatics focusing on Semantic e-Science is now available.
  • The 35th International Geological Congress will be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 08/27 to 09/04, 2016. The organizers are accepting proposals for symposia, tutorials, workshops, and business meetings. This may be an excellent opportunity to establish a presence via an Introduction to Geoscience Semantics tutorial (just an example, there are others) or organizing domain workshops (and, obviously, organizing conference symposia). Watch email and/or Loomio for discussions and ideation.
  • Similarly, cluster members should organize their thoughts regarding proposals for the upcoming ESIP Summer Meeting. Watch for information about a ToolMatch Hackathon as well as a followup session to the previous Winter Meeting's session.
  • Is there any ontology portal software (or software stack) other than BioPortal? It seems BioPortal is the best option. ESIP's BioPortal instance has a stable URI (is it the semantic portal link, or the Amazon AWS link, or something else?), but does have some unstable bits. The application will be updated to the current version in the next few months.
  • The Semantic Web Cluster will proceed with its application to move from cluster to committee after much positive feedback.

April, 2014 Telecon

  • Peter presented discussions ongoing with ESIP that may lead to Clusters not having to go through Products and Services to receive funding. This should be worked out, and possibly in place, by summer meeting.

March, 2014 Telecon

  • telecon cancelled due to competing workshops and meetings

February 25, 2014 Telecon

  • Planning for Semantic Web activities at the summer meeting
  • Test Bed call for proposals out soon – opportunities for Sem Web Cluster
  • Possible interactions with newly forming Clusters (Disaster and Data Science)
  • QUDT Ontology Discussion (Beth Huffer)
  • Ontology Reuse (Beth Huffer)


January 28, 2014 Telecon

  • Review of 2014 Winter Meeting and Next Steps


October 29, 2013 Telecon


September 2013 NO Telecon

August 27, 2013 Telecon


June 25, 2013 Telecon


April 30, 2013 Telecon

  • Previous action items
    • Summer meeting sessions
    • Toolmatch/rules update (Chris)
  • Ontology governance update (Peter)
  • Ontology portal (Line)
  • Discuss 2013 activities
    • and datasets and Earth Science (Brian)
    • PROV-ES
    • VISKO
    • IQ cluster interactions
  • Other/New items


January 22, 2013 Telecon

  • Previous action items (see notes)
  • * Winter meeting report on sessions
    • Toolmatch/rules update (Chris/ Eric)
    • Ontology governance update (Peter)
    • Ontology portal (Line)
  • Discuss 2013 activities
    • and datasets and Earth Science (Brian)
    • PROV-ES
    • VISKO
    • IQ cluster interactions
  • Other/New items


November 27, 2012 Telecon

  • Previous action items (see notes)
  • Toolmatch update (Chris/ Eric)
  • Ontolog update (Dalia if attending, others)
  • Ontology governance update (Peter)
  • IQ cluster interactions/ update (Peter)
  • Winter meeting plans/ sessions
  • Other/New items


October 30, 2012 Telecon

  • Previous action items (see notes for today)
  • Toolmatch update (Chris/ Eric)
  • Ontolog update (Dalia if attending, others)
  • Ontology governance beyond what we have (update; Peter, maybe a presentation)
  • Report from EarthCube 'next generation' meeting, re: semantics (Peter)
  • Request for input on NASA ESDSWG Semantic Tech Quad Chart (Brian if able to join, others)
  • Other reports on Semantics Activities (any)
  • See update from Line Pouchard on ESIP Ontology Portal
  • Other/New items


September 25, 2012 Telecon (draft)

  • SW hackathon session topics
    • ToolMatch Talkoot
  • SW Tutorials
    • Experts sessions
  • SW hands on
    • Cross cluster sessions
  • Ontolog sessions advertisement (EarthCube related) - Dalia
    • update
  • Ontology governance by cluster
    • Functions; ticket, comment, tracking update
    • What's put into Portal and by whom
    • Curation guidance
  • Other business


August 28, 2012 Telecon

  • ToolMatch Talkoot next steps
    • Other SW hackathon session topics
  • Ontolog sessions advertisement (EarthCube related) - Dalia
  • SWC Role in Nov. NASA ESDSWG meeting (if any)
  • Planning for 2013 ESIP Winter meeting
    • Tutorials/ hackathon
    • Experts sessions
    • Cross cluster sessions
  • Bioportal @ ORNL -
    • Status
    • Feedback
    • Name? "ESIP-OPortal" (working title)
  • Ontology governance by cluster
    • What's put into the ESIP-OPortal and by whom
    • Curation guidance
  • Other business


July 24, 2012 Telecon

  • Outcome discussion of ToolMatch Talkoot and next steps.
  • General ESIP meeting discussion and planning for 2013 Winter meeting
    • Tutorials/ hackathon
    • Experts sessions
  • Bioportal @ ORNL
    • Status
    • Ontologies governance by cluster
  • Other business


June 26, 2012 Telecon

  • Bioportal @ ORNL
  • SWEET and GCMD discussion
  • Data Quality ontologies governance by cluster
  • Planning for the ToolMatch Talkoot and Summer
  • EarthCube Semantic Web community group report from Charrette and status


May 22, 2012 Telecon

  • Planning for the ToolMatch Talkoot and Summer
  • Bioportal @ ORNL
  • Data Quality ontologies governance by cluster
  • EarthCube Semantic Web community group status.
  • Other topics


April 24, 2012 Telecon

Global Change Information System
Curt Tilmes, USGCRP NCO
Presentation Slides

March 27, 2012 Telecon


February 28, 2012 Telecon

  • Introductions
  • Update on Ontology repository proposal to Products and Services
  • Current Activities
    • ESSI-LOD
    • ESIP network
  • Update on New Activities
    • ToolMatch, an effort to use ontologies and linked data to match tools and services with data.
    • white paper on semantic web usage in Earth Science
    • OPeNDAP support of RDF
  • Navy SemWeb showcase (NASA tech. infusion, and ESIP) - Hook


January 24, 2012 Telecon

  • New Telecon Time Discussion
  • Discuss/review outcomes of Winter Meeting
    • Updates on working activities
      • Erin - ESIP Network progress
      • Eric/Tom - ESIP AGU project
    • New activities for 2012 from Winter ESIP meeting
      • Chris - tools/dataset project
      • Chris will work on EarthCube white paper
      • data types/service ontologies needs to be revisited
      • James Gallagher has a possible use of semantics with Opendap.
        • Chris - could you use RDF and Opendap to create a integrated visualization from opendap servers
  • Other items


December 27, 2011 Telecon

NO telecon in December

November 29, 2011 Telecon

  • Identify goals/outcomes of Winter Meeting
  • Erin will demonstrate ESIP Network progress
  • Eric/Tom will give more updates/questions about ESIP project
  • Greg will give an Information Quality Presentation (needs from Semantic Web)


October 25, 2011 Telecon

  • Cluster activities
    • Quality: needed for Info Quality Semantic Web Primer
      • Status?
  • Plans for Winter meeting
  • Eric/Tom activities
  • ESIP Network Use Case
    • Status?
  • New activities


September 27, 2011 Telecon

  • AAG
  • Cluster activities
    • Quality: needed for Info Quality Semantic Web Primer
    • Data / Service ontology
      • Status?
    • Preservation and Stewardship
    • Discovery
      • Status?
    • Joint session with NASA TIWG in Nov. ESDSWG meeting
      • Demonstrations
  • Eric/Tom activities
  • ESIP Network Use Case
    • Status?
  • New activities
    • Casting ontology
    • Revisit tutorials and webinars


June 28, 2011 Telecon

  • ESIP Summer Meeting
      • Quality: needed for Info Quality Semantic Web Primer
      • Data / Services: needed for ontology development
      • Preservation and Stewardship -- will be discussed during session.
    • Joint session with Info Quality
      • When is it? 2:15-3:00
      • Semantic Web primer for Info Quality?
    • Joint session with Preservation and Stewardship
      • When is it?
      • Semantic Web primer for Preservation and Stewardship?
    • Semantic Web Cluster meeting, Friday at 8:30
  • ESIP Network Use Case
    • Projects Ontology
    • Use of TestBed?


May 24, 2011 Telecon

  • ESIP summer SW technical sessions on ontology development (quality, data and service, provenance/ stewardship)
    • use cases needed for each of these by June telecon
    • who will lead each of these
  • SW tutorial
    • confirm format
    • presenters
    • scheduling
  • NASA TIWG SW plans (ESIP meeting and general interactions with SW cluster)
  • Testbed status update - if needed
  • Add agenda items here.


March 22, 2011 Telecon

  • Plan for AGU sessions for fall meeting
  • ESIP summer SW technical sessions on ontology development (quality - yes, data and service - yes, casting - too early)
    • use cases needed for each of these
  • Testbed status update (from last telecon)
  • Add agenda items here.


February 22, 2011 Telecon

  • Planning for Summer Meeting (theme: information and data quality)
    • Breakouts
    • Tutorial
    • Ontology Working Session
      • Casting?
  • Testbed
    • Status
    • Needed features?
  • Any more inputs for Erin on collaboration tools?


January 25, 2011 Telecon

  • Review of ESIP Winter Semantic Web Tutorial (Peter, Chris, Hook, Rob)
    • Evaluation
    • Relation to NASA Tech Infusion activities and goals
    • Relation to SW testbed and requirements on the testbed
    • Same form or others (e.g. Expert Panel, etc.)
    • Where and when next?
  • Using the site for dereferencible ontology IRIs. (Chris L)
  • Continuation of Data-Type and Service ontology work (Peter)
  • Ontology development to support 'casting' (Brian)
  • Summer meeting theme data and information quality - and possible quality ontology work session
  • Other topics?
    • Utopia uses semantic services to annotate PDFs, but is focused on biomed. Needs earth science add-ons. Check it out at Looking to create a PDF-based poster archive for ESIP with Utopia-like interface. NEW: If this is of any interest to you, I'll spin up a Basecamp site. so email me [bruce at] and I'll sign you up. Here is another resource from bio-med land. (Bruce C)
  • Time - 4pm ET


November 22, 2010 Telecon

  • 2pm ET
  • Short description of Test Bed
  • Review of ESIP Winter Tutorial Syllabus and timing/ scheduling at ESIP
  • Decision on presenters for each component
  • Time line for content development and review.