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:1. Adoption of Minutes
:1. Adoption of Minutes
:2. Follow up to discusion on website content - Creative Commons(Brian)
:2. Follow up to discusion on website content - Creative Commons(Brian)
:3. Winter Meeting Update
:3. [http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/January_5-7%2C_2010%2C_ESIP_Federation_Meeting%2C_Washington%2C_DC Winter Meeting Update]
::*Committee Reports
::*Committee Reports
::*Breakout Sessions
::*Breakout Sessions

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Executive Committee of the ESIP Federation


  • Jim Frew, President
  • Chris Lenhardt, Vice President
  • Charles Hutchinson, Chair, Ficom
  • Danny Hardin, Chair, Partnership
  • Michael Goodman, Chair, C&B
  • Marilyn Kaminski, Type I Rep
  • Peter Fox, Type II Rep
  • Tamara Ledley, Type III Rep
  • Margaret Mooney, Chair, Education
  • Karl Benedict, Chair, IT & I
  • Rob Raskin, Chair, Products and Services



Next Telecon, October 8, 2010 at 2 pm ET

1. Adoption of Minutes
2. Follow up to discusion on website content - Creative Commons(Brian)
3. Winter Meeting Update
  • Committee Reports
  • Breakout Sessions
4. Budgets
5. 2010 Elections
6. Other Business
  • Metrics

Other documents for this meeting:

Minutes from recent telecons

Draft Excom Minutes
Approved Excom Minutes

Working Groups and Clusters

Strategic Planning Working Group

In response to the growth of the ESIP Federation during the past 3 years, one of the Federation's sponsors suggested that the organization undergo a strategic review. President Hutchinson organized a small working group from members of the Executive Committee to review the ESIP Federation's mission, vision, strategic direction and related activities. In addition to the input session on Vision for the Future held at the summer 2007 meeting, the Working Group held its first meeting on July 20, 2007. Check back here periodically to learn more about what is going on.

Members of the Working Group:
  • Chuck Hutchinson, Chair
  • Rob Raskin, ESIP Federation Vice President
  • Bruce Caron, ESIP Federation Finance & Appropriations Committee Chair
  • Chris Lenhardt, ESIP Type I Representative
  • Peter Fox, ESIP Type II Representative
  • Kerry Handron, ESIP Type III Representative
  • Stefan Falke, ESIP Commercial Development Committee Chair
  • Tamara Ledley, ESIP Educatino Commnittee Chair

Our sponsoring agencies have been invited to observe and participate in the Working Group's activities.

Timetable for Working Group Activities
Activity Deadline Accomplished
Agree on a general way forward January 8, 2008 Yes
Review survey results January 8, 2008 Yes
Define issues to pursue with partners over next two months within Decadal Survey framework February 1 In Progress
Hold Strategic Partner meetings March 1 Being Scheduled
Identify broad objectives from the direction of the member survey and partner interviews mid-March
Review previous plan against results and refine mission, objectives, and structure as necessary mid-March In Progress
Draft plan for review by ExCom April 10
Present final plan to Assembly July 16

Next Meeting: February 6, 2008, 2 p.m. telecon

Related Documents:

Final Srategic Plan (adopted 1/30/09)
Final PDF Version
Draft Strategic Plan 9/25/08 Version
Implementation Groups

Draft Strategic Plan - 5/19/08 Version

Background Documents:

Draft Survey Instrument
Timetable for Strategic Planning Benchmarks

Meeting Visioneering Working Group

At the November 2005 ExCom teleconference the Meeting Visioneering Working Group was set up to provide advice and support for the planning of the ESIP annual meetings. Bruce Caron volunteered to chair this working group.

The working group consists of the vice chairs from the standing committees, the vice president of the Federation, the ESIP Type representatives and any other ESIP members who care to contribute.

The working group will report back to the ExCom on a regular basis.

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