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April 23, 2011 ESIP cloud computing cluster Telecon

Participants: Erin Robinson, Carol Meyer, Rich Martin, Thomas Huang, Phil Yang, Ken Keiser,Qunying Huang


  1. Summer meeting agenda
  2. Other issues

Summer meeting agenda

  1. Thur. 7/19/2012 @8:30pm-10:00pm: Cloud Computing I: Applications. (20 minutes each strictly applied)
    1. Mike Gangl, PO.DAAC - on the DMAS federate architecture using ZooKeeper- George Chang, LMMP - on using Hadoop
    2. Long Pham/Aijun Chen, GSE DAAC - Migrating OpenDAP, GDS, and Giovanni to the Cloud (needs confirmation from Long)
    3. Phil Yang, GMU and Karl Benedict, UNM - Utilize Cloud Computing to Enable Dust Storm Forecasting
  2. Thu. 7/19/2012 @10:30am-12:00pm: Cloud Computing II: Readiness Test Results. (may add one more)
    1. Mike Little, NASA SMD Cloud Test Brief (Virtual)
    2. Doug Neber for GeoCloud, (Virtual)
    3. Phil Yang, GMU, Cloud Readiness for Earth Sciences
  3. Thu: 7/19/2012 @1:30-3:00pm: Cloud Computing Discussions -
    1. opportunities and future directions
    2. EarthCube participation and activities?
    3. Collective reference architectures and recommendations?
    4. discuss potential opportunities from agencies, such as NSF, NASA, EPA, etc. to assess the possibility for potential proposal and
    5. discuss the possibility of utilize cloud computing for supporting organizational IT needs.