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* [http://cor.esipfed.org/ ESIP Community Ontology Repository]
* [http://cor.esipfed.org/ ESIP Community Ontology Repository]
* http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php?title=COR
* [[LDaaS | Linked Data-as-a-Service]] - Technology proposal to use COR as the backbone for a hosted, managed Linked Data-as-a-Service
* [https://esipfed.github.io/stc/UseCases/STCUseCasesAndRequirements.html Ontology Portal Use Cases and Requirements]
* [https://github.com/ESIPFed/STCEvaluation  Documentation for the evaluation of two ESIP-developed ontology portals]

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ESIP Community Ontology Repository (COR)

Description: A vocabulary and ontology registry and repository provided by the ESIP community.