Workshop-Next Steps

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Two activities were identified to advance the communication and interoperability among NOx data providers, air quality uses, and information technologies:

  • Focus on HTAP and exceptional event applications
    • Identify other users in these applications and engage in the process
    • Reuse and integrate existing projects (Airnow Tech, RSIG, etc.) that support these two applications
      • Exceptional Events: Airnow Tech is becoming source for surface data (also satellites)
      • HTAP: Model evaluation is needed (e.g., RSIG)
    • Use existing and new technologies to support comparison and analysis of satellite, surface monitoring, emissions inventories, and modeled NOx datasets
    • Pursue linking of "projects" onto a NOx interoperability network
    • Define and capture lineage of data processing and data applications for HTAP and exceptional events
      • experiences and examples of using the data and developing applications will define the questions that lineage metadata should answer
    • Create diagrams depicting relationships and flows among the various components involved in the HTAP and exceptional event applications
  • Demonstrations for EPA OEI Symposium
    • Use existing prototypes and demos to showcase the access, visualization, analysis and assessment of the Southern California wildfire smoke