Wiki Resistances

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

This page is dedicated to all the reasons that the wiki is difficult to use and resistances that users encounter. Please add to this with your thoughts.

  • Don't know where to put contribution
  • Don't want to add something that isn't "finished"
  • It is hard to find things
  • Don't know how to edit - editing is confusing.
  • Difficult to reuse pages in multiple settings even though there isn't a hierarcy
  • Don't know when things are updated - discussion threads are missed
  • Groups don't maintain momentum on projects
  • Generalize the wiki pages developed for the AQ summit so they no longer appear to exist only for the data summit. I think we should port these pages to make them more general, and open the formatting so users can do what they want with the wiki pages. (As opposed to the current form-based pages.)