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From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Wiki Cleanup @ the 2015 Summer Meeting

At this year's ESIP Summer Meeting we have a Hacker Space (HS - Room name TBD) where folks can come together to hack on concepts, code, data etc... In the HS on Tuesday afternoon 1:30 - 5pm, we'd like to bring together anyone interested in cleaning up the ESIP wiki space. This is meant to be a place where people with any level of experience can come, communicate, and share tasks. Everyone is welcome, and we'll work to help you find colleagues who might have an idea for solving your needs, and vice versa. To avoid breaking central pages, we think a good plan would be to work inwards from the edges (group sites, blogs, etc.) and inwards towards the main page, so that as less used links are pruned off, internal links are not broken.

Prior to the meeting, lets build our Task List so can knock things off once we come together! Please feel free to be specific, we outlined a few general ideas, but if your group or cluster has a particular need, put it here too.

Task List

Here are some ideas we have to start

  • Update personnel pages (removing inactive members and adding active members)
  • Find and repair dead links and images
  • Find type-os and hanging markup tags
  • Reformat page layouts as appropriate
  • Test links between internal pages are working; test that links between internal pages are not cast as external links

Please add whatever you can think of here!


Fox Peterson or Annie Burgess