From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Open Source Cluster

Wednesday October 10, 2012


  • Andrew Hart
  • Steve Aulenbach
  • Carol Meyer
  • Bruce Caron
  • Chris Mattmann
  • Paul Ramirez
  1. Relevant Open Source Upcoming Activities
   - NASA Earth Science Data System WG Annual Meeting - Reuse WG discussion, DRAG/ESDIS Code Sharing

   - SC12 workshop on Apache Governance Model, also connections to ExArch    - AGU NASA Open Source Summit for Science    - ApacheCon EU 2012; EclipseCon EU 2012    - ESIP Winter Meeting 2013    - World Government Summit

  1. NASA Open Source Process Diagram Discussion
  2. ESIP Collaborative Tools  - DrawIt Live
  3. Eclipse Location Tech Project and Apache SIS - Geospatial Open Source
  4. - other listings of open source software similar at other agencies?
  5. ESIP Open Source Cluster Charter Update
   - Define that process and that role -  Chris continue as chair [Bruce/Steve]
        - Vice Chair
        - Roll through the mailing list once and then decide at the next call
  - Dates/Times and Cluster Meets and Contact Information
  - Information about the Wiki
  - The process by which we conduct business
  - Topics: 
       - Licensing
       - Redistribution 
       - Community Models for Open Source
       - Intellectual Property
       - Open Source Ecosystems
       - Contributing
       - Responsiveness 
       - Help/Guidance/Documentation
       - Interacting on mailing lists 
       - Implementation strategies for open source
       - Architectural strategies for open source
       - Legal strategies
 - Emergent Topics
 - Relationship to Other Clusters 
  1. Any other business
 ## Governance
   - Commons Governance, may be the ability to inform the commons team within ESIP
   - ESIP open sourcer's can provide a resource for it