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ESIP Open Source Cluster Meeting 12/12/12


  • Andrew Hart - JPL
  • Angel - Columbia University
  • Chris Mattmann - JPL
  • Steve Aulenbach - Indep.
  • Cameron Goodale - JPL
  • Ilya Rosenfeld - OpenGeo


  1. . Open Nomination for Cluster VP - Discussion

- haven't received a ton of nominations yet, Bruce Caron nominated Ajinkya Kulkarni <> - Andrew mentions potential nominations for Vice Chair - Steve seconds nomination for Andrew Hart Paul Ramirez, Cameron Goodale mentioned too - Have full discussion at Winter ESIP and discuss candidates and interest

  1. . NASA Open Source Summit #3 Activities

- Mattmann's team from NASA ESDSWG Software Reuse WG leading the organization of NASA Open Source Summit #3 - great opportunity for synergy with ESIP OS Cluster here

  1. . Outcome from recent Open Source Meetings

- NASA Earth Science Data System WG Annual Meeting - Reuse WG discussion, DRAG/ESDIS Code Sharing - 20+ proposals came in for new WG - SC12 workshop on Apache Governance Model, also connections to ExArch

  1. . NASA ESDSWG Open Source and GIS group proposals

- Chris will send out the link to the Earthdata wiki to view these proposals - see: - see:

  1. . Products and Services/Testbed Connections

- Chris has been nominated for P&S chair - will allow for ESIP Executive Level leadership and synergy with cluster

  1. . Planning for the Winter Meeting

Winter Meeting 2013 Quick Study - pick 5 concrete, relevant pieces of open source Earth Science software - classify their licenses - classify as "collective work" or "derivative work" - explain differences - classify their ecosystem - classify their open source model Suggestion: GDAL, Apache Hadoop, Apache OODT, GeoPortal, NetCDF4-Java library Suggestion: get a list of open source software currently being used by ESIP Suggestion: add Drupal Suggestion: add Linux to the list Others? Suggestions for lightning talks? - conflict between OSCON and ESIP Summer -- what can be done? - gauge who plans on going to OSCON versus going to ESIP Summer based on attendance? Steve will follow up with Erin for remote participation in the Cluster

  1. . ESIP Open Source Cluster Charter Update
  2. . Any other business
 - Adjourn