Water Information Domain Community Discuss

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Water Information Domain Community Discussion – July 9, 2009 ESIP Summer Meeting


The water information domain landscape is evolving: How do we organize the community to help create interoperable ways of accessing and disseminating data - designed to provide information for decision-making - built as a system-of-systems designed to integrate data and observations from numerous government and non-government sources?

At the ESIP Summer 2009 Meeting USEPA will lead a session that:

  • Reviews important developments, including

o New access tools and activities including new sensor and model integration approaches o Legislative and executive Agency developments o Informatics approaches (e.g., standards “grid”; ontology software, semantic web, integration applications etc) o Water data availability

  • Review areas of active collaboration
  • How do we coordinate and build community?
  • Inform GEOSS discussion related to water and climate change?

Next Steps

  • Further meetings and consultations
  • Wiki deployment
  • Plan a water data summit?
  • Continue discussions through-out day (July 9th)

Contact William Sonntag sonntag.william@epa.gov or 202 564 3871