Virtual hackathon & controlled vocabulary (2018-09-05)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Kristin Vanderbilt
  • Colin Smith
  • John Porter
  • Stevan Earl
  • Amanda Droghini


  • Finalize plans for virtual hackathon
  • Discuss the IMCR controlled vocabulary


Virtual hackathon

The virtual hackathon will be held November 14 (Wednesday) from 09:00-20:00 EST. Project updates will be emailed from project leads to registered participants in the weeks preceding the hackathon, and live group discussions on projects will begin at 11:00 EST during the hackathon.

Controlled vocabulary

  • Decided a subset of the terms used in the NASA Global Change Master Directory could be useful to the IMCR controlled vocabulary.

Considered how we could make contents of the IMCR discoverable in web search engines and decided this is not feasible at this time. During this exercise we discovered that OntoSoft's rendering of RDF/XML is inaccurate.

  • Agreed to set up the IMCR Controlled Vocabulary as set of related taxonomies in TemmaTres.

Action items

  • Notify project leads about hackathon plans and need to update participants via email 1 week prior to the hackathon. (Colin)
  • Send agenda to hackathon participants. (Colin)
  • Add terms to IMCR term list from the NASA Global Change Master Directory and send out to attendees for review and comment. (Colin)
  • Notify OntoSoft about inaccurate rendering of RDF/XML. (Kristin)
  • Register more items in the IMCR. (Everyone)
  • Setup TemmaTres for the controlled vocabulary. (John and Colin)