Lorenzo Bigagli (LorenzoBigagli)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Lorenzo Bigagli was born in Prato (Italy) in 1972. His academic background includes a Ph.D. in methods and technologies for environmental monitoring at the University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy, in 2008 and a M.Sc. degree in software engineering at the University of Florence, Italy, in 1999.

He has worked as a Researcher at the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council of Italy (IMAA-CNR) since 2003. He has held positions as Adjunct Professor at the University of Florence since 2001, and at the University of Padua since 2008. His research focuses on ICT applications for geographic information management, particularly addressing the gap between the scientific community and the society/decision makers.

Dr. Bigagli is a member of the Italian Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications, the European Geosciences Union, and the Open Geospatial Consortium.