From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Fox Peterson

Fox Peterson is not 30... yet. She is a faculty research associate at Oregon State University working with climate data and sensor networks. She has degrees in forestry, economics, and... English. But don't ask her to spell words correctly, because that English degree was in 1920's modernist poetry. Fox enjoys programming in a variety of languages, algorithms, bicycles, quality assurance and quality control, YAML-esque data, making fun of Javascript, marvel comics, running, trees, the rain, rotisserie chicken, and the Harry Potter books and movies. She also thinks she's pretty good at drawing cartoons, because her mom told her so.

But in all seriousness, Fox Peterson is an ESIP "Student Fellow" with a heart of gold and a keyboard of chrome-colored plastic and she's huge technophile. You're likely to find her reading technical manuals for fun, listening to podcasts, or working... because she likes it.

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