Use Case 00: User Registration

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Use Case <tbd> User Registration for EIE

Earth Science Information Exchange Revision History

Name Date Reason For Changes Version Michael Burnett 12/8/05 Initial Draft 0.1

1.Use Case Identification

1.1.Use Case Number


1.2.Use Case Name

User Registration

2.Use Case Definition

An individual wants to register with the EIE.


  • 1.User - primary

2.2.Business Rules

  • 1.While anyone can register as a EIE use, Users may associate themselves with one or more providers.
  • 2.User’s roles within a provider context will be restricted.


  • 1.none

2.4.Normal Flow

  • 1.User opens the EIE default portal site.
  • 2.User selects “New User”, from main page.
  • 3.EIE presents a form of information to be populated. The page includes links to help information. Form includes:
    • a.Username
    • b.Password
    • c.Name
    • d.Contact information (address, email, phone, etc.)
    • e.Optional list of roles and providers.
    • f.Association with Areas of Interest
  • 4.User selects “Register”.
  • 5.EIE responds with visual clue indicating the processing of User Registration.
  • 6.EIE validates User Information. (See Alternate Flow 1)
  • 7.EIE sends message to new user, confirming registration. Message is also sent to EIE Administrator. (See Alternate Flow 2)
  • 8.EIE sends message to Providers specified by user, indicating new user and role. (See Alternate Flow 2)
  • 9.EIE triggers “NewUser” event.
  • 10.EIE presents welcome page for New User. Page includes links to Getting Started, User Documentation and Personalization pages.

2.5.Alternative Flows

1.Required information is missing or invalid.

  • a.EIE presents indication of invalid application and points out mistakes, with details on invalid or missing fields.
  • b.EIE logs invalid submission. (For auditing purposes)
  • c.Use Case continues with Step 3, with fields populated with previous information.

2.Notification cannot be sent to User

  • a.EIE sends an e-mail message to the EIE administrator notifying problem with provider e-mail
  • b.Use case terminates.
  • c.EIE Administrator notifies user directly. Investigates communication failure.


2.6.1Normal Flow

  • 1.User is registered with EIE.
  • 2.Appropriate Providers are notified of new user and role.
  • 3.“NewUser” event triggered.
  • 4.Message sent to User, welcoming them to EIE.

2.6.2Alternate Flow 1

  • 1.Message is displayed, indicating a failed registration with details on invalid fields.
  • 2.EIE has logged the registration failure
  • 3.Use Case continues with Step 3, form is populated with user content.

2.6.3Alternate Flow 2

  • 1.A communication failure event has been created.
  • 2.EIE Administrator detects the communication failure.
  • 3.EIE Administrator communicates directly with Provider, informing of Service approval.
  • 4.EIE Administrator evaluates the communication failure.
  • 5.Use case terminates.

2.7.Extension Points

Personalization Use Case

2.8.Special Requirements

  • Unique username
  • Group Associations ?
  • Logging requirements
  • Guaranteed delivery of messages to providers?
  • Event management


  • 1.User Registration is unmoderated – there is no human in the loop.


Alternative guaranteed delivery mechanisms may replace email


  • 1.What group management requirements are to be levied?
  • 2.What are the Provider Roles?