Usage-based Data Discovery - Episode 5

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Telecon Objective

Design the ESIP Summer Hackfest: Cooking with Graphs


What Do We Have So Far?

  1. Use Cases: lots
  2. Hackfest sessions: 3
  3. People: some

Hackfest Plan

Types of Teams

  1. Cooks: create an end to end application with graph database, relationship content, API, (UI)
  2. Menu Designers: design User Experience using one or more wireflow diagrams
  3. Foragers: find dataset-usage relationships underpinning the use cases


  1. Local machines or ESIP AWS? Both
  2. One team per type, or multiple? Depends on signup
  3. Team "spirit guides"? Beth, Doug, Chris, TBD
  4. Suggested use case for Implementation Team? Chris to write up flood assessment use case
  5. Suggested use case(s) for UX team? Anyone they want.
  6. Let foraging explore whatever they want?
    1. Yes, but feed results to other teams if related to their use cases.
    2. Checkpoint before session #2 to see if any are useful.
  7. Mise en Place (Provisioned ingredients)
    1. Some dataset-usage relationships for Implementation Team(s): how many? from whom? what format?
    2. Icons for wireflow designing: who to supply?
    3. Google Slides doc(s) for UX group: who to setup?
    4. AWS accounts?
    5. Or software packages for laptops?
    6. Others?

Prep Work

  1. Assemble and preposition ingredients: who? when?
    1. Icons for wireflows
    2. Initial set of relationships
    3. Instructions
  2. Team signup sheet: Done
  3. Know-before-you-go: TBS
  4. Advertisement to community: Chris, via Sched
  5. Other?