Tracey Pilone Candidate Statement 2021

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Tracey Pilone, President & Chief Culture Officer at Element 84, Inc., Candidate for Finance Committee Chair

Tracey Pilone is President of Element 84, an ESIP member organization and software engineering business based in Alexandria, VA.  Tracey previously served as the Chair of the Nominations Committee and sat on the ESIP board from 2015-2017, served on the Executive Director Search Committee in 2020, is a current member of the Meetings Committee, and has been a regular ESIP participant since 2014. Tracey participates in ESIP because it allows her to get a more in depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities of users of geospatial and remote sensing data.  Ultimately this allows Element 84 to help ESIP members continue to improve Earth Science data access and discovery.

As a small business owner and MBA graduate from Georgetown University, Tracey has extensive business expertise that will lend itself particularly well to the role of Treasurer.  She manages the finances of Element 84 on an ongoing basis and is skilled at maintaining financials for an organization, working with accountants, and tax records. Tracey serving on the board will also allow ESIP to leverage her business and contracting expertise to keep ESIP sustainable and ready to explore more opportunities for funding and expanding the ESIP footprint into the future.  She is looking forward to a bright future for ESIP as a way to help people use the critical data that so many of the ESIP members produce and make more usable every day.