The HDF Group Support of Easy Access to HDF/HDF-EOS Data

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The New HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center Website[edit | edit source]

The HDF Group made a significant effort to revitalize the HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center website. We'll discuss what's new and why new changes can help NASA HDF/HDF-EOS data users.

Easy Local Access through Comprehensive Examples[edit | edit source]

We'll demonstrate tool examples to access and visualize various HDF/HDF-EOS data products. Tools include NCL, IDL and MATLAB.

Easy Remote Access via OPeNDAP and Webification[edit | edit source]

Recent advances in remote data access technology make an instant data access and visualization possible without downloading the whole data files. We'll discuss how to access remote HDF/HDF-EOS data easily via OPeNDAP framework. Further, we'll also demonstrate how the webification idea can simplify data access.

Easy Access for Difficult Files through Augmentation and Conversion[edit | edit source]

The generic HDF APIs are very rich and it is sometimes hard to pin down core APIs relevant to NASA data products. On the other hand, the HDF-EOS APIs are convenient but may not cover all. For example, some HDF4 data products are only accessible through HDF4 APIs and it is not easy to extract geo-location information from them. We'll discuss the latest development on augmentation tool and conversion library that allows an easy access to difficult files through NetCDF like APIs.