The Convention Making Process

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  1. We use the ESIP Federated Search cluster wiki as the working area for working on and accumulating "pieces" of the convention.
  2. We start a page on that wiki that will eventually become the document for the convention, and send out a pointer to the mail list. Any and all participants will be authorized to update the page.
  3. We should also have at least two implementations on both the client and server side, which will also be referenced in the wiki.
  4. When we have a stable convention and 2x2 implementations, we call that 1.0*.
  5. At that point, we submit an RFC to the ESDSWG Standards Process Group.
  6. Should we also submit something to ESIP ITIC? Or some other ESIP body?
  7. Comments and suggestions for changes from steps (5) and (6) would go into version 1.1.
  8. After at least Version 1.0, we may consider submitting extensions to as well.